Katy Perry Album Cover - Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream album cover features Katy Perry wrapped in cotton candy.

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Jul 23, 2021

Teenage Dream album cover features Katy Perry wrapped in cotton candy.

Katy Perry album cover from Teenage Dream. The singer is featured on the CD wearing cotton candy, but she's afraid what her mother will think. The album cover artwork for Katy Perry took about six weeks to create.

Katy Perry, 25, used the same artistic director for her album cover as she did for her "California Gurls" video. For the album cover, the artistic director, Will Cotton placed the racy brunette on her stomach in a pink cotton candy cloud. Strategically placing the sweet melt in your mouth treat to cover her breast and rear.

"When you purchase the CD physically, you just get a Katy Perry by Will Cotton," Katy Perry said in a statement. She had not seen the finished product and worried that her religious parents would not be pleased with it. "Oh my God, what will my mother think?" she exclaimed. "It's so gorgeous. I'm so excited. I'm nervous. I'm shaking a bit. This will be my first piece of real art."

The work of art took six and a half weeks to create, it even spells like real cotton candy. Perry has been leaking small details about her third studio album. The 12 song track will be revealed Friday and includes a song called "Peacock," which Katy says is a great example of her "f---ed-up humor." The "Teenage Dream" video is set for release in the first week of August. "It's going to be beautiful and will be so different than the 'California Gurls' video, which is fantastic, but I love going from one extreme to the other," she said.

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