Katy Perry Reveals SNL Elmo Shirt For Sesame Street Show

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Sep 27, 2021

Katy Perry SNL

Katy Perry poked fun on SNL about her recent Sesame Street controversy. The SNL skit showed Perry playing a busty teenage librarian who has been causing a stir.

Perry, 25, wore a tight-fitting Elmo T-shirt cut down the center of her chest for the Bronx Beat skit. Her character was a clueless teenager named Maureen de Chico. She did a lot of bouncing around in her tight revealing Elmo tee.

"I guess I developed over the summer...It's so embarrassing," stated Maureen when asked about her growth.

Comediennes Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, played the host of the talk show Bronx Beat. They acted as New York housewives and their advice for Maureen (Perry) was to "never be ashamed of your body" and "get yourself a good bra". In addition, Perry was this week's musical guest.

Last week the "Sesame Street" producers chose not to air a "Sesame Street" clip starring Perry and Elmo. During the segment, Perry and Elmo did a video for a slang version of her hit "Hot N Cold". Apparently, some people felt that she should have covered up a little more.