Keith Sweat Not Dead Following False Death Reports

Keith Sweat Not Dead

Keith Sweat not dead following false death reports. Keith Sweat was a victim of fake dead reports that were not that funny. The false reports and rumors that he had died began circulating on Twitter last weekend.

Sweat is alive, despite ten Tweets per minute claiming the popular singer had died. He is the latest celebrity to be the victim of wrongful dead trends that are dominating social networks. Rumors of other celebrity death reports were at its highest in 2009.

Twelve months ago, fake celebrity death reports became a regular, weekly occurrence. Virtually every Sunday evening at around 3 pm PST, fake news articles would spread via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. In many cases, the reports were fueled by people adding comments to message boards or community forums.

By fall 2009, the victims were predominately teen pop stars and male rappers. Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas and Lil Wayne were the most frequent subject. By late 2009, Tom Cruise became one of the first film actors to be the subject of such reports. To date, the reports never truly spread into other entertainment fields like television and radio.

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