​Kelly Clarkson Says Pink Needs Break​​

By: | 05/09/2021 06:48 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson defended Pink when her fans got angry over her canceling her England concert in April. The fallout came after Pink scrapped an April 22 concert in Birmingham, England due to illness.

Kelly Clarkson Pink

Angry fans allegedly accused her of faking the sickness and insinuated that she doesn’t care about her overseas fans.

That is when Clarkson decided to come to Pink’s defense, ABC News notes.

“How dare you only work 364 days this year,” Clarkson wrote in a message directed to Pink on her WhoSay account. “I can’t believe you got sick. That never happens to anyone ….ever. You’re so lazy #nameonepersonthathasherschedule,singswhileflying,andisamom ….seriously people. Tired of seeing everyone giving her crap. We’re all human. Relax.”

Pink kicked off her “Truth About Love” world tour in Phoenix, Arizona on February 13, 2013. Her last concert is scheduled for December 14, 2013, at Philips Arena, in Atlanta.

On Saturday, Pink took to her own blog to defend herself from a response she likened to rabid dogs. She also told critics they can buzz off.

“I am a human being, therefore I am able to catch illness,” she wrote on May 4. “It is beyond my control- and I can’t apologize for that. And you know what I’ve been performing through the last week? ROTA virus. Look it up. I challenge any one of you to do what I do while sick with that. You couldn’t do it.”