​Kelly Price Divorce To Jeffery Rolle After 23 Years Of Marriage Citing Irreconcilable Differences

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Jul. 27, 2015

Kelly Price is set to divorce husband and manager Jeffery Rolle, Sr., will divorce after 23 years of marriage. The singer said the two grew apart over the years, and she didn’t want to compromise her happiness anymore, according to Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Price, 42, announced the news in a statement to Always A-List on Thursday. Price and Rolle have been together since they were 19 years old, and they will also end their professional relationship.

“After the untimely death of my sister last year, it weighed on me heavily that this was something we needed to do,” the star said. “I ultimately made the decision to live the best life I can. I ended things because I didn’t want to compromise what true happiness was anymore.”

Kelly Price divorce shocks fans

Kelly Price divorce shocks fans

Kelly Price’s divorce has shocked fans, but she told her social media followers there are no hard feelings between herself and Rolle, and declared she will “love Jeff until the day” she dies. The couple are parents to 23-year-old son Jeffrey Rolle, Jr., and 21-year-old daughter Jonia Rolle.

This has been quite the week for celebrity divorces, but no one saw this coming. She also had an interesting upbringing.

Her father died when she was nine years old, and Price’s grandfather is Jerome Norman, bishop and pastor of the Full Gospel Mission Church of God in Christ in Queens. Kelly’s mother, Claudia, is the former musical director of the church.

Kelly Price is a seven-time Grammy Award nominee who has collaborated with Eric Clapton, Jermaine Dupri and LL Cool J. She last released Sing Pray Love, Vol. 1: Sing in June 2014, and will address her divorce on upcoming album Sing Pray Love, Vol. 2: Pray.

Price has also fought a few legal issues during her career, starting with a 2010 lawsuit filed in a Texas federal court against a nationally known prosperity ministry, New Light Church of Houston, et al. Kelly claims she wrote and copyrighted the tune, “Women Who Win,” which New Light Church and three members of the Hilliard family used without permission in a church show, on DVDs, on a website and at a “Women Who Win” conference in Houston.

Singer was a cast member of R&B Divas

The original court docket indicates that the involved parties continued to use the work in a variety of ways despite being refused license to use. The Hilliards won in this case.

Divorce rumors about the couple were sparked as they appeared on season 1 of “R&B Divas,” where they received their fair share of criticism. Their cast mates (and viewers) called them confrontational and negative.

Kelly Price’s divorce will indeed have her singing about a break up, as good R&B singers always do. She said she’ll be speaking to other women on her upcoming album, “Sing, Pray, Love Vol. 2: Pray,” out in 2016.

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