​Kelly Ripa Injury: TV Talk Show Host Reveals Leg Injury In Cast After Husband Mark Consuelos Injures Calf [Photos]

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Aug, 10, 2015 | 4:14 PM

Kelly Ripa’s injury appears to be spreading in the family after husband Mark Consuelos showed up with a cast on his leg. Just days after the breakfast TV host broke her foot at a dance class, the couple revealed that he has now torn his calf on the same leg, according to New York Daily Newspaper.

Ripa, 44, announced the news with a bit of humor. Kelly shared an Instagram picture of their matching booted feet on Thursday.

Mark, 44, first shared the image of the two of them reclining on a staircase looking glum with matching medical boots on their left feet.

Kelly Ripa injury to leg

Kelly Ripa’s injury photo was posted with a caption that read: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??????????? WTF?????” as she broke the news on Thursday’s episode of Live With Kelly And Michael. The talk show host wore a medical boot on her left foot and had to use crutches to walk out with co-host Michael Strahan, 43.

“It sounded like bubble wrap,” Kelly said of the moment she stepped on a misplaced hand weight and broke four bones in her foot. “Somebody either left it not on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing,” Ripa explained. “All I know is I did a jump… and I landed on the weight. My foot went over and under the weight.”

She is a fan of AKTinmotion, which offers dance classes with strength breaks. After a trip to the hospital - complete with an X-ray and a CT scan - she learned that she had multiple broken bones but did not require surgery.

Ripa also learned that she had a calcaneonavicular coalition: “It sounds like a war strategy and not really a medical problem,” she joked of the condition that simply meant her bones were unusually close together. Kelly’s crutches will only be needed for a few days, but her doctor insisted that she would need at least six weeks with the boot.

“I don’t plan on being in this thing that long,” she insisted. “He’s like six weeks - I give it three weeks.”

Kelly also was not interested in a special shoe that was supposed to be worn on her other foot in order to balance out the boot. “I’m not wearing that,” said Ripa. “I think the boot is enough suffering!”

“We can bedazzle the other shoe,” offered Michael. “I’ll bedazzle it personally. Get my glue gun and some sparkles!”

Before moving on to other topics, Kelly said that her husband followed her around with a camera until he ripped his calf. Ripa also suffered a stress fracture to her right hip in 2010, and injured her neck during a charity event in 2012.

She dealt with the ongoing pain with the help of “an antacid, high-alkaline cleanse” that had eased her chronic troubles by the end of May. Fortunately, the new injury did not seem to be bothering Kelly greatly: “It’s very dramatic-looking, but I feel fine,” she insisted.

Kelly Ripa’s injury is also creating a lot of publicity for the couple, and some fans have already sent in “Get Well” cards.

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