​Kim K $20 Million House: Kanye West And Kim Finish Renovations

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January 6, 2021

Kim K moves into her $20 million house with Kanye West. The home is located in Hidden Hills, California, where the couple bought the sprawling mansion back in August, according to freepressjournal. An insider said the couple are excited about the move.

“It’s been under construction since August because of renovations.”

They have been staying at Kim Kardashian’s house, while the $20 million mansion was being renovated. The move was delayed for several months because Kanye West kept making changes to the design. This frustrated Kim on many levels.

“Kim was about to sell the place, out of frustration, but they agreed to wait until after the holidays to move in.”

Kim K’s $20 million house is looking beautiful as the couple’s cars have been seen on driveway. It appears as if the couple will finally start their new life at the residence with their one-year-old daughter, according to the Daily Mail. The reality star’s black Mercedes-Benz SUV has been pictured on the property as well as bins full of trash.

A neighbor who got tired of the daily hammering and construction being done on the $20 million house, told Kim K that the noise was a nuisance. That didn’t go over too well with West when he found out about the complaint. So what did he do? He bought the neighbor’s property and made him move.

It was a long wait, but the couple made several changes to fit their luxury lifestyle. Kanye wanted to expand the property to almost five acres. They had to spend an additional $2 million for those plans. They also built a basketball court and a huge park for kids.

This $20 million house for Kim K also comes with a nice guest house, which used to be the next-door residence. Kanye West also has a complete studio to record his music. This family has given all indications that they will remain home.

The couple lived at Kris Jenner’s home for two years. However, the separation was not so difficult for the “momager” because her daughter’’s new home is just five minutes away. It’s just a couple street lights away.

The Kim K $20 million house is expensive, but it’s perfect for this couple. Kim and Kanye plan to use all the available space, according to International Business Times. They have multiple swimming pools, a game room, eight bedrooms, and their own vineyard.

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