Kim Kardashian Divorce Reveals Fantasy From Reality

11/03/2021 08:31 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Divorce - Kim Kardashian probably didn’t expect to divorce Kris Humphries so soon, but was there a problem separating fantasy from reality when she got married in the first place?

Most people now believe they were duped. Was the entire wedding nothing more than reality TV ratings? There’s no evidence to suggest it, but people are having a difficult time believing that this marriage was nothing more than a 72 hour publicity stunt.

Hollywood is all about trickery and money has everything to do with it. Most celebrities believe that they have their fans fooled, even if it’s a reality show, but that can be a costly mistake. She either wanted center of attention for two months or this whole wedding was one big sham.

Seventy-two days after their lavish wedding ceremony, which cost an estimated $10 million and was subsequently watched by more than 4 million TV viewers, Kardashian, 31, announced she had filed for divorce.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage,” she said in a statement. “I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned.”

Humphries, 26, issued a statement to People: “I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce.”

The announcement didn’t come as a surprise to celebrity watchers Monday, and experts agreed the golden Kardashian brand should be safe, though some warned about potential backlash from fans and wedding sponsors feeling duped.

“We definitely saw problems in the relationship,” says Rebecca Bienstock, deputy news director of Us Weekly magazine. “Our cover story last week was all about the problems and how Kris wasn’t really what Kim was expecting. And the special on the E! channel showed he wasn’t really liked by her sisters.”

Meanwhile, experts said the couple may have been too caught up in the thrill of planning a wedding.

“They weren’t together very long before they decided to get married, and the rest of the time they were planning this extremely elaborate wedding, so their focus was on the wedding and not the marriage,” says Micki McWade, a New York divorce coach and author of a “collaborative divorce” guide, Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On. “If they had looked at the marriage, they would have realized they were not compatible. It was pretty obvious (from the reality show).”

But McWade predicts the divorce won’t be traumatic. “The marriage did not have enough weight for them to really invest in it. It was obvious they had different value systems.”

Still, only 72 days? Shocking, maybe, but remember, Britney Spears was married for just 58 hours. There are plenty of celebrity marriages that were shorter.

“I’m certainly not shocked. … I’m surprised it happened so quickly,” says Howard Bragman, longtime Hollywood publicist and vice chairman of “There were probably questions before the marriage, but all of a sudden you’re on this train moving very fast. The excitement, the filming, it all took the place of the pre-marriage discussions people have.”

On the upside, he says, “Kim has this knack for turning the bad moments in her life into financial bonanzas.”

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