​Kim Kardashian Enjoys Ice Cream, Pasta As Wedding Diet In Paris

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May 21, 2021

Kim Kardashian isn’t worried about dieting before her wedding because she ate ice cream, pasta, and assorted treats. Paris seems to bring out the junk food in Kardashian, and it’s been a delicious week.

On May 21, The Inquisitr reports that Kardashian “not only ate ice cream but also noshed on pasta and cheeseburgers in Paris.” She has also been staying on the Atkins diet but she’s apparently cheating this week. However, she has been doing a lot of walking and she was even spotted at the gym since she touched down in Paris.

France is known for its decadent sweet treats and incredible meals, and so it’s no surprise that the reality star and Kanye West are taking full advantage.

Kim and Kanye are currently in Paris in wedding prep mode, and while some brides go on a strict diet and deprive themselves of anything delicious the week before the wedding, Kim knows when you’re in Paris, experiencing the cuisine is always a must.

Yesterday Kim and Kanye stepped out for some ice cream at Haagen-Dazs. Sporting jeans by MOTHER and a white shirt with a deep V-neck, Kim looked classic and polished as she enjoyed ice cream in a waffle cone.

Later that evening, the couple had a romantic Sunday night dinner at Hotel Costes. Sources exclusively tell E! News that they arrived for a late meal at around 10:40pm, Kim in her white top and jeans outfit from earlier in the day. An eyewitness provided an image of Kim walking through the chic restaurant.

So what did Kim eat? She ordered the Penne Butter, Salade Artichoke and asparagus, and drank Darjeeling tea with honey. Kanye had Paillard de poulet bio dore minute curry and chutney, and drank wine Saint Emilion Angelus.

Today, Kim and Kanye enjoyed a romantic lunch at L’Avenue and then spent the afternoon shopping at YSL and Céline.

Clearly Kim is not on a crash diet pre-wedding. She is spending plenty of quality time with her soon-to-be husband, and enjoying her favorite foods and treats along the way.

After all, what would a trip to Paris be without experiencing any of the cuisine?