​Kutcher Tells Sheen ‘Enough’ Of Comments About Kutcher Show​​

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February 7, 2021

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Ashton Kutcher tells Charlie Sheen “enough” and to shut up on Feb. 5 about his TV performance.

“Dude, shut the f-k up!” the “Two and a Half Men” star said directly into the camera on the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show.

Three years ago, Sheen, 48, was fired from the hit CBS sitcom that Kutcher now stars in. But the wound of losing the gig is apparently still fresh for Sheen who has tweeted ill messages to the “That ’70s Show” actor over the years.

His most recent online tirade on Jan. 6 continued the jabs at Kutcher.


Kutcher Sheen Enough

Ashton Kutcher had some choice words for Charlie Sheen when he appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday. ‘Shut the f-k up!’ Kutcher said into the camera directing it to Sheen.

“Hey Ashton,” Sheen tweeted. “Quit barfing on my old brilliant show.”

Now the 35-year-old actor seems to have reached his breaking point and no longer cares to hear another word from Sheen.

“Seriously, like enough already,” he added on “Kimmel.” “It’s like three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter? Come on dude, really?”

The “Anger Management” star heard Kutcher’s message loud and clear and responded, of course, via Twitter.


Ashton Kutcher talked to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday about ‘Two and a Half Men.’ The convo sparked a discussion on Charlie Sheen and his ill messages to Kutcher over the past three years. ‘Enough already!’ Kutcher said.

“Ashton, message received,” he wrote Thursday. “So sorry. U sounded like me! Well done! My bad. I was pissed at other crap & took it out on you. Hope u r good.”

But the good vibes didn’t last long as Sheen added another tweet shortly after with a message of his own.

“But new flash. Dood, you ever tell me to shut the f-k up EVER again,” he wrote, “and I’ll put you on a hospital food diet for a year. #YaFeelMe Jr?”

This isn’t Sheen’s first backhanded apology to the “Jobs” star. In 2012 he apologized after telling TMZ that he was “tired of pretending that Ashton doesn’t suck.”

His apology then sounded somewhat similar as it began, “Dear Ashton, My bad.”

While Kutcher has yet to respond to Sheen’s most recent threat, Kimmel sided with the young actor on Wednesday adding, “Charlie, leave the kid alone for God’s sake. He has business to attend to.”