Ashton Kutcher Holidays With Mila Kunis, Demi Moore Divorce

Ashton Kutcher has been spotted more times this year with Mila Kunis than any other, and the recent filing at the court house to divorce Demi Moore could reveal just how serious things are for the “That ’70s Show” co-stars.

Everyone knew that Kutcher and Moore have been apart for more than a year as a new romance blossoms with Kunis, but friends say the relationship is getting more serious by the month, which could mean wedding bells in their future.

In fact, not only has Ashton and Mila been spotted repeatedly in different cities, but now the couple are spending the holidays together, making it an important engagement in their relationship.

They were recently seen at Fruitzen Frozen Yogurt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he’s from and where they are reportedly spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They were also seen in Iowa shopping togetehr at a Bed, Bath and Beyond.

“They were picking out gifts for his family. [...] They were inseparable and having such a good time in the store. Ashton had his arm around her and I even saw him rub her back,” one source said.

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