Lennon’s Fingerprints Seized by FBI Before Upcoming Auction

Lennon’s Fingerprints

Lennon’s fingerprints were seized by the FBI before the upcoming auction. The Lennon prints were taken from a memorabilia dealer prior to an upcoming public auction. John Lennon was fingerprinted in 1976 when he applied for legal permanent residency in the United States.

Fingerprints of this magnitude are worth a lot of money, but the FBI claims its government property. They were set to be going on sale for a minimum price of $100,000. This piece of history was to be part of an upcoming Lennon auction, along with 850 other items, which were to be sold in a would-be 70th birthday sale for the late artist.

The feds are now investigating the case to discover how the item ended up in civilian possession in the first place. This is one part of his legacy that won’t be available at the birthday auction. Conspiracy theorists believe that the FBI is still investigating John Lennon, even though he died almost 30 years ago.