​Lil Wayne ‘Epilepsy’ Gave Him Back-To-Back Seizures​​

Lil Wayne says epilepsy caused his most recent health scare earlier this month, which kept him in the hospital for several days. The 30-year-old rapper said he had three back-to-back seizures that kept him in intensive care.

“I’ve had a bunch of seizures, y’all just never hear about them,” Wayne said.

The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., says he “could’ve died” and that the recent seizures were a result of “just plain stress, no rest, overworking myself.”

“But this time it got real bad ’cause I had three of them in a row and on the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30%,” Wayne added.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, Wayne is one of nearly 3 million people in the U.S. with the condition. Every year, there are about 200,000 people diagnosed with epilepsy.

The condition is most common in the very young and the elderly, and it’s more common for men to develop it than women. More than half of the time, there is no known cause for the epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation reported. When the cause is known, it’s often from brain injury, brain development problems or illness, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Wayne released his 10th album, “I Am Not a Human Being II,” this week. He’ll embark on a 40-city tour in July with rappers T.I. and Future.