​Lil Wayne Jet: Pilot Kicks Rapper Off Chartered Jet After Smelling Marijuana Smoke

Lil Wayne Jet
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Jul, 21, 2015 | 12:55 PM

Lil Wayne was kicked off a private jet after reportedly lighting a marijuana joint onboard about 17 minutes after takeoff. The pilot turned the plane around and kicked the rapper and his entourage off the private flight, according to TMZ.

Lil Wayne chartered the plane from Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, and he was told he could not smoke during the flight. However, just after take-off, the rapper lit up a marijuana joint so the pilot turned the jet around and landed back at the original airport.

“We’re told Wayne told the pilot before takeoff at a Ft. Lauderdale airport, he and his entourage wanted to smoke during the flight. The pilot could not have been clearer … absolutely not,” an insider said. “But shortly after takeoff, Wayne and his posse lit up, and the pilot was in no mood to negotiate. The captain turned the plane around 17 minutes after takeoff and landed it where it came from.”

Lil Wayne jet is not for smoking

Lil Wayne jet is not for smoking

Lil Wayne’s jet problems for smoking weed are minimal. He has other legal issues on his mind.

Last year, he was sued for more than a million dollars by Signature Group LLC of Miami, who says the rapper owes the company for missed payments, charges and fees on a leased Gulfstream jet.

The complaint filed against Dwayne Michael Carter Jr (Lil Wayne) and Young Money Entertainment says the plane was used in 2013 and most of this year, and the full operating costs were not paid, along with the cost of some upgrades that were made to the jet at the group’s request. Those upgrades include satellite phones, a custom bed, and sophisticated medical equipment for rapper Lil Wayne.

“We provided Lil Wayne and his Young Money organization with the service they desired and expected, since 2006. We’ve mutually benefited from our longstanding working relationship and have had the pleasure of flying several artists under the Young Money Entertainment umbrella. This suit could have been avoided if Young Money Entertainment paid Signature Group, as promised, before the upcoming 2014 Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour,” Signature Group’s owner, Kevin Parrott said.

Signature Group Lawsuit

Signature Group says all attempts to communicate with Young Money Entertainment have failed, which had necessitated the lawsuit amounting to $1,066,751.67. The rapper recently asked a Florida judge to dismiss the lawsuit against him, but it is still pending.

Lil Wayne’s jet problems might ground him to taking a bus, or a limo to travel state to state. One fan blasted the rapper on social media by writing, “some people think they can do whatever they want just because they chartered a plane.”

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