​Lohan Baby Brother Pics Of Kate Major’s 7-Pound Newborn​​

Lindsay Lohan now has a baby brother and the pics of the 7 pound newborn have been published. Ironically, her father’s fiancee, Kate Major, who used to call the police on him quite a bit, gave birth to the new boy on January 30.

Michael shared the news by posing in the photos with Landon Major Lohan on January 30, which happens to be the same day Lindsay was in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Landon was born in Florida with a full head of reddish-blonde hair and looks just adorable.

Friends and family wish all the best for the new baby. He is already a charmer, and he seems to have an instinct about looking good for the camera. Or maybe it’s just a baby thing. Best wishes and stay tuned.

Lindsay, meanwhile, is due back in court in March for on-going legal troubles stemming from a jewelry heist case, her car accidents and her probation.

There’s no word if Michael or Kate made any money from the baby pics.

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