​Lucy Liu Director Elementary: Actress Turned Director For Elementary Drama

Lucy Liu Director Elementary
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Mar, 11, 2015 | 10:37 AM

Lucy Liu recently turned director for Elementary, and she admits being pushy to get her chance to be behind the camera on the CBS crime drama. She directed Thursday’s episode of the series in which she plays Dr. Joan Watson opposite Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes, according to CBS News. It wasn’t easy, she explains.

“It’s harder for women in general. You have to ask and ask and ask. You have to break the door down. … and come in with a real belief in what you’re doing.”

Lucy Lie’s director debut on Elementary required juggling acting with the demands of going behind the camera and the pace of TV production. She avoided any tumbles, she said, and is eager to repeat the experience. It could easily turn into a permanent career for the actress.

“Television is a machine. You jump on to this conveyer belt that is going at a very quick speed, and if you can’t keep up you fall off and fall hard.”

Prior to Lucy Liu’s director debut on Elementary, her on-screen credits include “Ally McBeal” and the films “Charlie’s Angels” and “Kill Bill,” according to The Spreadit. She remains enthusiastic about acting but appreciates the growth that directing and its broader view of a project can bring. It’s a new experience and one that only a director can understand.

“After having directed, you really don’t see things the same way anymore. You approach things with a different eye, as a different person, ultimately.”

There is a saying that good actors eventually become great directors. Clint Eastwood is just one of many actors who took a career into directing films instead of acting in them. Several people have followed this same pattern.

It’s the second time that Liu has directed an episode of Elementary that’s now in its third season. The beauty helmed the episode Paint It Black which aired in May 2014 and brought together Holmes and his estranged brother Mycroft, played by Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

In last week’s episode, Liu as Dr. Joan Watson investigates the poisoning death of her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes played by Miller teams up with Detective Marcus Bell, played by Jon Michael Hill, to solve the theft of pregnant zebras from a local zoo. The actress recently said that filming on location at the Bronx Zoo was challenging because on the day of the shoot heavy snow fell in the city.

“We could have been in Alaska.”

Lucy Liu may soon be director of another Elementary episode because CBS seems to appreciated her work, notes KpopStarz. She is a very talented actor and director. It was odd for her to change roles and director her co-stars, but each day got easier as she conquered the challenges.

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