​Mariah Carey Increases Security Following Nicki Minaj Threats During American Idol​​

Mariah Carey has increased her security by hiring new body guards after she, and her family felt they were in danger at the hands of fellow judge Nicki Minaj, and the American Idol work environment appears to be unsafe. It all started when the two RandB singers were in a heated argument during the Idol tryouts.

Has television pushed people this far in Hollywood? Carey spoke about the feud during an interview with Barbara Waters.

“Felt like an unsafe work environment,” and that hiring extra security was, “the appropriate thing to do,” Carey said. The singer also spoke out about the threats that Minaj made, saying that she actually overheard her saying, “If I had a gun, I would shoot that b**ch.”

These are some serious allegations, and if true, it makes you wonder if Minaj is having a power trip or something.

“Anytime anybody’s reeling threats at somebody, you know, it’s not appropriate. I’m a professional. I’m not used to that type of environment,” said Carey.

“For me, ultimately, this is about the kids, the contestants,” Carey says. “I’ve been blessed to live my dream more than half my life, so I want help give that back to someone else.”

However, the two have reportedly made peace, but it’s Carey who’s keeping a close eye on Minaj.

“Sitting there on the road with two babies, I’m not going to take any chances,” she said. “For all the drama, I hope it helps the show. I think it’s a classic, classy show and it didn’t need this.”

There was no word on how her husband, Nick Cannon, feels about the threats and extra bodyguards. But it’s probably safe to say that he stands by his wife to protect their family and twin babies. Minaj was probably yelling during the heat of the moment and probably didn’t mean anything she said.

Carey, however, isn’t taking any chances.

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