​Marie Holmes Marijuana Arrest After Lottery Winner Caught With Drug Paraphernalia

Marie Holmes Marijuana
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Jul, 26, 2015 | 9:20 PM

Marie Holmes’ marijuana bust comes after she won a $188 million lottery jackpot earlier this year in North Carolina. The powerball winner was cited as deputies arrested a man, who she explained is her roommate, for violating the terms of his release, according to Port City Daily.

Holmes, 26, was charged with having a half ounce or less of pot and drug paraphernalia at her home in Shallotte. Marie has a court date scheduled for September after deputies allegedly smelled weed, got a search warrant, and then found the marijuana in her home.

She was won one of the three people who was the Feb. 11 Powerball Jackpot of $564 million. She went with the lump sum of $127 million, which came out to be about $88 million after taxes.

Marie Holmes marijuana arrest for possession

Marie Holmes marijuana arrest for possession

Marie Holmes’ marijuana arrest comes after Lamar Andre McDow, 31, was jailed under a $6 million bond after violating the terms of his pretrial release, deputies said. McDow had missed curfew.

McDow was arrested in November on two heroin-related charges and jailed under a $3 million bond until he bonded out in February. He now faces additional charges of possession of a firearm by a felon and possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

McDow’s November arrest came after an investigation uncovered 1,600 bags of heroin, deputies said. Deputies allege McDow is a gang member who’s been involved in large-scale drug activity.

Holmes has four young children, all under the age of 9. Marie said that the lottery money will make a difference for her kids.

Marijuana possession is typically charged as a much less-severe crime than for other illicit drugs in North Carolina. While the state does not offer exemptions for medical use, North Carolina marijuana laws have mostly decriminalized its possession, which carries a maximum $200 fine for possessing less than one-half ounce.

Marie Holmes wasn’t the initial target in the home as deputies originally went to there to arrest McDow. But she was detained after police uncovered weed, drug paraphernalia and a .45-caliber pistol.

Ironically, a prosecutor says she was behind the $3 million bond that got a drug suspect out of jail earlier this year. Assistant District Attorney Chris Thomas said that she paid for the bond that set Lamarr McDow free in March just weeks after she won a $188 million Powerball jackpot.

Lottery jackpot winner

Holmes was widely rumored at the time that she had put up the money. But Marie’s name was missing on court records, and it only showed information on payment of the bond from three bail bondsmen, who do not have to disclose who paid them to post the bond.

McDow, who investigators have said is a validated gang member who goes by the street name “Hot Sauce,” is back in jail, but has yet to post the $6 million bond.

In court today, the state said the gun is registered to Marie Holmes, but that McDow had handled it, which led to the charge. The outcome could send him to prison for several years.

Marie Holmes’ marijuana was at the home she shares with McDow, who she later admitted was her fiancee. McDow’s criminal history includes convictions for assault on a female, assault and several counts of drug possession dating back to 2000.

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