​Mark Hamill Denies Fumble In First ‘Star Wars’ By Calling Out Carrie Fisher’s Real Name

Mark Hamill Denies Fumble
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Oct. 15, 2015

Mark Hamill denies fumble in the first “Star Wars” when he called out Carrie Fisher’s real name instead of Leia. After all, the actors are human, not real Jedi Knights, but no film franchise in the history of cinema has been as heavily scrutinized this one, according to News Max.

Hamill, 64, does his best to hide the error, but he claims it never happened. Hamill is part of a list of actors who lack chemistry on the set and who’s acting careers are laughed at by some on Internet message boards and fan communities.

One of the most famous flubs has just been settled by Luke Skywalker himself. In “Star Wars: A New Hope,” the first release in the saga, Luke returns home after destroying the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. He is greeted by his friends and family (that Princess Leia sister bomb hadn’t been dropped yet) to celebrate the victory.

Mark Hamill denies fumble with Princess Leia.

Mark Hamill denies fumble with Princess Leia.

As Mark Hamill denies the fumble in Star Wars, it’s clear in the movie that he made a mistake, but he’s not ready to admit it. The actor did say that his voice was dubbed during production.

“Star Wars” fans have long questioned whether Hamill broke the fourth wall by mistakenly yelling “Carrie!” when he hugs co-star Carrie Fisher, instead of using her character’s name, Leia. Mark responded to fan’s question on Twitter, and tried to end the confusion once and for all about the supposed mistake by calling it “Total BS.”

The actor claims that he actually said, “‘There she…’ as in, ‘There she is,'” and that the fumble dialogue in that scene was dubbed.

We decided to watch the movie for the Hamill error. When he climbs down the ladder, Carrie Fisher shouts ‘Luke!’ as she runs over to embrace him; but it is what Mark shouts in return that has been the hot topic of debate among fanboys for nearly four decades.

We heard him scream “Carrie!” as he jumped off the ladder. It was clear.

Most fans insist he merely shouts “Hey!” Even Star Wars legendary sound designer Ben Burtt confirmed that after extensive listening, the phrase appeared to be “hey” or “yay.”

While Mark Hamill denies the fumble in Star Wars, an erroneous take can sometimes be left in the final cut of a film by accident. The “hey Carrie” debate is just one of many errors that have been discovered by nitpickers who have pored over the beloved saga over the 38 years, though most are remembered fondly.

All three actors from the scene, including Harrison Ford, are set to return in JJ Abrams episode VII The Force Awakens, which hits theatres on December 18.

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