​Mary-Louise Parker Done Acting, World Too Mean For Parker​​

By: | 07/18/2013 09:36 PM ET

Mary-Louise Parker says she is done with acting after several Internet blogs spewed hatred against her and into early retirement. Parker says that the world is “too bitchy” and mean-spirited for her to handle, so she has quit.

“It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life — or something, I dunno,” the 48-year-old “Weeds” star told News Corp Australia.

Because of all the negativity, Parker said she’s not sure how many movies are left in career to film.

“I wouldn’t mind doing a TV show again, I’d like to do a couple more plays, but I’m almost done acting, I think,” she said.

Parker, who has a son with former flame Billy Crudup and an adopted daughter from Ethiopia, said the negative outweighs the praise people assume actors get all the time.

“It’s a mean culture — it’s reality TV and it’s watching people suffer,” she said. “It’s little girls in pageants and housewives and plastic surgery and people in rehab.”

The big question on everybody’s mind is what will she do after acting?

“I would write. … I would take care of my kids and my goats,” she said. ”That’s about it. Bake. Throw my Internet in the lake.”

Even so, her fans doubt that she can be happy with a simple life with no connection to the outside world.