Marysol Patton DUI. Marysol Patton of Real Housewives was arrested for DUI before the show aired. In fact, her mother was also arrested in a separate drunk-driving case.

Patton, a cast member and prominent local PR queen, was charged with a DUI in January 2010 while her mother caught the same charges back in October. Then in jail she befriended a hooker. The 44-year-old president of The Patton Group Public Relations pled guilty to the lesser crime of reckless driving.

Weirder than that arrest, and well, most things in general is the DUI arrest of her mother Elsa Patton. She seems to feature prominently in the show, and Bravo honcho Andy Cohen has already said he’s “obsessed” with her. She claims to have magic powers to see into the future and calls herself a “seer” or apparently sometimes a “witch” — which is truly amazing, and so is Raven.

She got arrested back in October, but had the charges dismissed when the officer failed to show up to court. Patton Claims she wasn’t drunk at all and the police just wanted to get her because she is old. She does have a handicapped tag because of a bad knee.