Paul McCartney’s Bus Attacked, Mexico

Paul McCartney’s bus tour was attacked in Mexico. The Beatles legend was left shaken but unhurt when a group of youths attacked McCartney’s bus. The bus was forced to stop in the street and the mob proceeded to jump up and down on the roof.

“At first his security team thought it was just swarms of fans but when people started scaling the bus, the situation changed in a flash,” a source said in a statement. “Paul and the team were left shaken up.” No one was injured in the attack.

McCartney, 67, just finished his second and final night at Mexico City’s Foro Sol arena. The incident occurred in one of the city’s tourist no-go areas, but why McCartney’s driver traveled into the area is a big question. The incident ended when local police were alerted and the group of thugs scattered from the scene.

Paul McCartney’s driver had entered an impoverished neighborhood in the capital after leaving the arena. The Beatles legend is reviewing his security team to find out why they took that specific route. Most pop stars won’t even tour in Mexico because of these dangers, but when they do, they only stay one night or two before leaving the country.

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