​Megan Fox Jeans: Dressing For Ninja Film​​

By: | 07/24/2013 12:43 AM ET

Megan Fox was looking her best after squeezing her famous curves into a pair of super jeans on location in New York. Fox, 26, was transformed into intrepid reporter, and secret superhero.

Filming the long-awaited remake of the Eighties classic in the famous Times Square, ensured there were plenty of eager extras and even more cameras on the star than usual.

As April, Megan was filming a scene where she does a live news report and while dressed causal, managed to look amazing doing it.

The mother of one - her son Noah is 10-months-old - showed off her fantastic form in a pair of tight dark-blue jeans that she wore with brown ankle boots and an army jacket.

Unlike previous incarnations of the Ninja Turtle’s side kick, Megan’s hair has not been dyed bright red instead, as April, she wears a far more modern and natural color of auburn.

Also on set was Will Arnett, whose role in the movie was a mystery until recently. The funnyman is playing April’s not so helpful cameraman Vernon Fenwick. In the cartoons, the cameraman often blames the heroes for causing problems and tries to steal April’s stories.

While not playing a great guy, in real life the 43-year-old clearly is.

Touchingly, the comedian bought his two young sons to watch him film on set.

With Able and Archie on the side lines, the actor made sure to come over and talk to the boys during breaks in filming.

No doubt Will had to explain to the boys it was only make believe, as in the scene, his character sports an injured arm in a sling.

However, it was not just the actors getting attention on Monday.

Also getting photographed heavily was the official Ninja Turtle van.

Gone is the Volkswagen Kombi van of the 1980s and cartoon renditions, with the Micheal Bay-directed film using a far tougher looking vehicle.

Decked out in turtle shell green camouflage paint, the van featured giant monster truck wheels and looked like it could take on any number of bad guys.

The Turtles film is creating a buzz amongst both old and new fans, everyone still has a long wait ahead before they see the film.

The film is not slated for release until June 2014.