Braveheart Actor Mel Gibson Sued Over Home

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: Jun 23, 2021

Mel Gibson sued for $6,631 in unpaid bills.

Mel Gibson sued over unpaid bills by a construction company. Mel Gibson and his estranged wife Robyn are named in a lawsuit that alleges $6,631 in unpaid bills. The construction company claims that the couple never paid for work being done on their Malibu home.

Gibson, 54, also hired Ramage Construction to draw up plans for another house used for an investment. However, the Braveheart actor never paid the bill for that work either. The owner of the company is also saying that Mel Gibson and Robyn actually owe him $200,000 for various projects.

Meanwhile, Gibson has been urged to purchase a 600-year-old castle in southern Italy. He fell in love with the region after filming "The Passion of the Christ" there and is now said to be looking for a local property. There's one place in particular that the actor might purchase. It's a castle built in the 1500s that sits on a ton of land.

Luciano Marranghello, the mayor of small town San Lorenzo del Vallo, spoke about the castle. "It's a building from the 1500s with Spanish architecture because it was built following the marriage of the Spanish Mendoza and noble woman Lucrezia della Valle, who came from the town." No word yet if Mel Gibson is interested or not.