Michael Douglas Ex Back In Court Over Money

By: Kara Gilmour
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 25, 2021

Michael Douglas ex-wife back in court to argue she's entitled to half his earnings.

Michael Douglas ex back in court over money. Actor Michael Douglas and his ex, Diandra, are back in court to battle over earnings. Douglas' ex-wife feels she is entitled to half of Michael's earnings from his next movie.

Diandra Douglas, his ex-wife, feels that she is entitled to half of the actor's earnings from "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," which is set to open Sept. 24. The couple was married for 23-years, but their marriage ended in 2000. He's now married to Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

However, in the couple's multimillion-dollar divorce, Diandra Douglas was given the right to share in proceeds from spinoffs from work Michael Douglas did while they were married. Diandra feels that this should include director Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" follow-up, in which Douglas reprises and updates his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gecko.

Of course, Michael Douglas' lawyer says his ex is misinterpreting the agreement, and it doesn't apply to the "Wall Street" sequel. "It wasn't on the horizon when the two split, and he didn't then have so much as a guarantee that he'd be in a sequel if one were ever made," stated his lawyer, Marilyn B. Chinitz.

"Since their divorce, Diandra Douglas has made $6.3 million from her stake in residual proceeds from other past projects," Chinitz said.