​Michael Jackson Cloud Reveals Moonwalking In Night Sky

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
Apr. 5, 2016

A Michael Jackson cloud took the Internet by storm this week after a photographer says he can see the King of Pop moonwalking. A storm appeared with an image that fans believe is the ghost of their favorite singer, according to WTVR

The cloud photo was taken over Goochland County, Va., during a lightning storm on Tuesday. Kind of spooky, because it was two days before the sixth anniversary of when Jackson died.

“It wasn’t even my favorite picture that I took,” the photographer, John Plashal, said. “I have others that are better but don’t have a celebrity in the image.”

Michael Jackson cloud lights up during weather storm

The Michael Jackson cloud lit up like fireworks as lightning struck the sky. Plashal says he hasn’t edited the image in any way, and he actually didn’t see the King of Pop in it when he submitted it a Facebook page.

“I see it now,” he says. “It’s pretty wild. It’s one of those things — believe what you will.”

The cloud photo also comes a day after another photographer released new pictures of Jackson. In fact, the family has never seen the photos until now.

“There are a lot of pictures I never published because they’re for me, [they’re] something personal, something I’m attached to,” Alix Dejean said.

The Haitian-born photographer, who has been a fixture in New York City’s music scene for more decades than he wants you to know, began photographing the Jackson family in the mid-1970s, at a time when the Jacksonmania was in full swing and when Michael Jackson was starting his solo career.

Dejean, who was already well-known for photographing the likes of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, swiftly developed a relationship with the Jackson family after being introduced to Michael by Mamadou Johnny Sekka, director of Jackson 5 in Africa, at the film’s premiere.

At that time, record labels hired Dejean to shoot the rockstars, but he cherished the moments in between, when he looked for the raw emotions — Michael quietly anticipating a show in his dressing room, an excited glance from Rebbie while her microphone is being fixed, the intense stare of Joe Jackson caught off guard.

Dejean was closer to Michael than any of the other Jacksons, he says, which allowed him the unique opportunity to capture a subtle, human view of the future King of Pop during his formative years.

“I had a lot of admiration for Michael,” Dejean says, “I loved him.”

The Michael Jackson cloud might be something of fantasy with full lightning illumination, but it appears exactly one day later when Dejean released the never-seen-before photos.

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