Michael Jackson Syringe Sale Planned For Las Vegas Auction

Michael Jackson syringe sale will go up for auction in Las Vegas on the first anniversary of the singer’s death. Sony agrees to buy the biggest recording contract in history.

Michael Jackson’s syringe, that administered the fatal drugs and caused the singer’s death, is set to go up for auction in Las Vegas. Most people can’t believe that the seller actually obtained it. The seller remains anonymous and did release a creepy statement.

“This is one of the sickest lots ever put up. The syringe is no longer needed in the inquest or in Murray’s forthcoming trial but the moral implications don’t bear thinking about,” said the unnamed seller.

The sad thing is, there are people that want to buy it. It could sell for $5 million. Janet and Tito Jackson have been told about the seller’s intent. They are outraged are trying to stop the auction.

It is not known how the seller got the syringe. However, it could go up for auction on the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, June 25th. The unnamed seller is also in talks with a legal team to make sure that he can sell it legally.

Sony Buys Biggest Recording Contract In History

Michael Jackson’s estate has signed the biggest recording contract in history, nine months after the pop legend’s death. The $250 million deal includes 10 new recordings to be released by 2017. It also gives Sony the rights to sell Jackson’s back catalogue and previously unreleased tracks.

Sony now owns the entire soundtrack to “This is it,” and the concert movie that featured Jackson’s days before his death. The arrangement also gives the company the right to exploit his music in video games, amusement park rides, television adverts, memorabilia, and a DVD. However, profits from the deal will go into a trust shared by Jackson” mother and three children.

Singer Left Behind New Material For Three Albums

It’s been reported that Michael Jackson left behind enough material for three albums. The first album will be released in November. Consumer interest in Jackson soared immediately after his death. He has sold 31 million albums, since he died.

In the months leading up to his death, Jackson was rehearsing for a tour. It was scheduled to begin within a month after he died. His doctor, Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Los Angeles last month in relation to the singer’s death.

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