​Michael Strahan Teeth Becomes Trademark Icon​​

Michael Strahan says he will never fix the gap between his front teeth and in some ways he shouldn’t because it’s become his trademark. The former NFL player and daytime TV host has become a lovable teddy bear on “LIVE With Kelly & Michael” show.

Strahan says he’s at peace with his famous gap-toothed smile and isn’t looking to “go under the knife” to ever fix it.

“I was really close to closing it up. I was at the dentist having him do mock-ups. I thought about it, man,” he told ELLE’s Mickey Rapkin.

” I was in my twenties. I was playing with the Giants. There’s so much pressure to be perfect. You can fix everything now. For me, I made the conscious effort to say ‘This is who I am.’ I’m not perfect. I don’t want to try to be perfect. At this point, I don’t think my kids would recognize me without it. They’d be like, ‘Who is this stranger in the house? Call 911!’ ”

Fans like Strahan just the way he is, and he’s got a lot of them.

Most celebrities undergo plastic surgery or procedures to fix their smiles, but not everyone, and Strahan has made it clear that he’s not changing anything.

That would be like Cindy Crawford removing her mole, or David Letterman fixing the gap between his front teeth. Some things are better left alone.

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