​Michelle Pfeiffer Tells of Robert Deniro Secret​​

September 16, 2021

Michelle Pfeiffer may be a huge name today, but even the extreme famous were once no-names in the film industry with a secret. Pfeiffer is no different, and she spoke with her new co-star Robert Deniro about her days of relative obscurity.

When “Raging Bull” was casting, her agent suggested that she go and audition for a role. The actress didn’t have any clout or pull, but her agent suggested that she go to become familiar with what she was going to be asked to do on future endeavors to find work. She didn’t get the part, but it was the first time she met Deniro, and it was when she decided she wanted to work with him at some point during her career.

Now, decades later, Pfeiffer is getting her wish. Starring with Deniro in “The Family”, she plays the wife of an ex-gangster put into the witness protection program and moved to France. Of course things don’t remain peaceful for long, and mayhem ensues when the family returns to some of its more violent habits in response to coming across different threats to itself.

“I actually auditioned for Raging Bull, that was when I very first met you… did I ever tell you that?” She told Fox News about De Niro. He looked rather shocked and responded that he did not know. Pfeiffer continued: “It was my very first interview ever, and my agent just sent me on it. It was like go have an experience, never thinking I would ever get the part, which of course I didn’t. But I always dreamed of working with him, so I was just very excited.”

“The Family” is about an ex-mobster (De Niro) and his wife (Pfeiffer) who are living in the witness protection program.