Mickey Mouse Celebrates Birthday On Steamboat Willie

Mickey Mouse Birthday – Everyone’s favorite Disney Character, Mickey Mouse, is celebrating a birthday.

In this connection, the Disney Channel from has also launched special episodes of Clubhouse on Disney Junior and a one hour special episode of Road Rally Adventures.

Classic Disney characters unite for a colorful and witty comic adventure in the musical, full-length movie based on the timeless tale The Three Musketeers starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy. In addition, the channel will premiere Mickey’s solo performance on a special song, created exclusively for fans on his birthday.

There are some interesting facts that people did not know about Mickey Mouse. He became an instant hit on November 18, 1928 with the release of Steamboat Willie, the first ever cartoon with synchronised sound.

At that time, most other studios were still producing silent films and shorts while Disney adopted sound and raised the standard.

Walt originally wanted to call Mickey ‘Mortimer Mouse’, and it was changed to ‘Mickey Mouse’ when Walt’s wife Lillian said she felt that ‘Mortimer’ sounded too pompous and suggested another name that personified the qualities of fun and humbleness.

Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 18, 1978, in honour of his 50th anniversary. The star is located on 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

The Mouse’s feature film debut in Fantasia in 1940 as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice was one of his most famous roles ever. The film introduced stereophonic sound to motion pictures through a special sound system called Fantasound, and cost US$2.28 million to make. In 1955, he made his debut on television in The Mickey Mouse Club television show.

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