​Ashton Kutcher Allegedly Hides Mila Kunis From Paparazzi​​

November 27, 2021
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis usually don’t yell at the paparazzi, but recently they were filmed standing their ground when a couple of photographers swarmed them as they were leaving Carlitos Gardel Restaurant in Hollywood.

The actor wasn’t unnecessarily aggressive, but he told the photog to “Get lost” repeatedly. The interesting part comes when Mila is seen sneaking into his car, making the scene to appear to be some decoy so that she can leave unseen.

Some people are speculating that Mila’s recent coyness might be due to the fact that she’s pregnant. Do you think this is within the realms of possibility? Ashton and Mila have recently talked about how they’re ready to settle down and, perhaps, even begin a family.

According to reports, Mila was wearing a baggy shirt and baggy pants that night, the perfect attire if you’re trying to make a baby bump appear a little less bumpy.

People magazine recently reported that the pair are desperate to start a family.

“They both want kids. It’s something they’re vocal about,” a source close to Ashton said, “I can’t imagine it will be very long before she’s pregnant. [Maybe] right after they get engaged if not sooner.”

“Ashton is definitely planning a proposal. They’re incredibly affectionate. It’s completely effortless,” the source added, which looked evident in these recent pictures.