​Miley Wardrobe Malfunction: Miley Defect Mishap At iHeart Radio​​

By: | 07/01/2021 03:48 PM ET

Miley Cyrus continued her sassy ways that almost caused a wardrobe malfunction at an iHeartRadio event in Miami. Cyrus, 20, surprised fans including Natalie Bergen, the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party prize winner.

Natalie knocked on a bedroom door and Miley welcomed the winners to a room decorated with a big balloon banner spelling out “Twerk,” giant blow-up rubber duckies, balloon palm trees and fake money scattered all over the bed.

Miley then played the girls a song off her new album. Afterward, while they were all chatting about the song, Miley’s top suddenly came undone. Luckily one of the contest winners was able to fasten it quickly before she was completely topless.

Later, behind the iHeartRadio stage, Miley made the scene with mom Trish Cyrus, taking iPhone pics and mingling with fans.

And, skeptics be damned, she was wearing her engagement ring, which she accessorized with a black, choker-neck mini dress and pink nail polish.

When complimented about her swept-back short ‘do, Miley goofed to E! News “I wishes I had a long braided ponytail down to the floor.”