​Miranda Kerr Car Crash, Hit By Drunk Driver​​

By: | 03/14/2013 04:52 PM ET
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Miranda Kerr and her assistant were hit by a drunk driver on Monday.

The Australian supermodel was taken straight to the hospital where she received MRI scans.

By Wednesday, the 29-year-old mother of one was seen leaving Chateau Marmont, on Sunset Boulevard, in West Hollywood wearing a neck brace. Her rep told People, “Miranda was rear-ended but is totally fine.”

The rep also told 9 News, “She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious.”

Miranda tweeted to her fans: “Thank you all for your love and support. I am on the mend!”

Kerr became married to actor Orlando Bloom in July of 2010. They had their first child together, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, in 2011.