​Miranda Lambert Daisy Dukes Photo Unveils Weight Truth

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June 5, 2021

Miranda Lambert wears her Daisy Dukes on the cover of Rolling Stone stone, using a white tank top to compliment the photo. The singer talks about her obsession with Beyonce, and Lambert also talks about the tabloids.

On June 4, The Christian Post reported that the country music superstar is promoting her new single. The singer “displayed her slimmed-down figure on the cover just weeks after revealing her secret to weight loss,” the site said. However, the “House That Built Me” singer maintained that she has not lost as much weight as people think.

“People think I lost more, but I’m short,” she said to People.com earlier this year. “I’m only 5’4″ so when I gain, I gain everywhere, and when I lose, I lose everywhere.”

Inside the mag, Lambert opens up about her Beyonce obsession. “She’s a girl from Houston, and she worked her butt off to get where she is,” she said. also talks about her relationship with hubby Blake Shelton and their “pretty instantaneous” rise to fame.

“One day we were country singers, and the next we’re on the front of the tabloids,” Lambert says. “I’m, like, really magical. I’ve been pregnant for two and a half years.”

Lambert might be used to all the heat that comes from the press, but according to Shelton, she’s not above getting into a bar fight if you make her mad enough! “People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars,” says the Voice coach. “One of them, I don’t want to say the guy’s name, but he’s the lead singer of a very popular rock band. His initials are C.K.”

According to Rolling Stone, the Austin hitmaker is referring to Nickelback’s lead singer Chad Kroeger, with whom it was reported that Lambert had a spat in 2010. The 39-year-old rocker attended Miranda’s 27th birthday party, where she refused to take shots with him. An eyewitness told Us Weekly he then responded: “You don’t have to be a b**** about it,” whereupon “Miranda grabbed a shot and threw it in his face!”

Shelton reportedly jumped in to defend his wife, though others restrained him.

Shelton and Lambert gave a joint interview to Rolling Stone for the magazine’s first country issue.

And Lambert touched upon her and Blake’s rise to fame.

“It was pretty instantaneous,” she said. “One day we were country singers, and the next we’re on the front of the tabloids.” And she joked about the interest in their private life. “I’m, like, really magical. I’ve been pregnant for two and a half years.”

For the story, the Texas native took contributing editor Josh Eells to her adopted hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, which she proudly proclaimed has a population of “three thousand, one hundred.”

It is the home of Lambert’s Pink Pistol clothing boutique, her planned bed-and-breakfast, and her farm with Shelton.

The 30-year-old country music also noted that she is a fan of fresh juice, but added, “I don’t do the juicer myself because I hate to clean it. It’s a mess and I’m not that disciplined!” Lastly, Lambert stays fit with a trainer.

“We do cardio, a lot of circuit training,” the singer said, according to People. “We do things with my body weight, like lunges. A lot of stuff with [resistance] bands. The stuff nobody loves, but it works!”