Mirren Says Hollywood Worships Men

By: Rob Adams
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 9, 2021

Mirren Hollywood Worships Men

Mirren says Hollywood worships men. Helen Mirren worships men in a silly way when she appeared on Jay Leno in Hollywood. She actually made out with Leno right on the Tonight Show.

After criticizing Tinseltown for valuing young men more than women at the Hollywood Reporter's annual Power 100: Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Tuesday, the 65-year-old actress proceeded to make out with Jay Leno that night.

Mirren stopped by "The Late Show with Jay Leno" for a brief chat about her new movie, "Red," in which she plays a retired assassin. During the interview, Leno, 60, revealed that a number of his guest's co-stars mentioned she looked sexy with a weapon. "The idea of the queen holding a sniper rifle messed with people's minds."

She shot a response back to Leno, adding that the good angel on her left shoulder told her not to encourage gun usage while the bad angel on her right shoulder thought it was fun. The Tonight Show host joked that her bad angel seemed to come out a lot, which inspired her to have a brief chat with the imaginary evil cherub.

"No, I'm not going to do that," Mirren said playfully to her left shoulder. "I'm not going to kiss him." But the audience cheered her on and she and Leno leaned over for a not-so-brief kiss on the lips. "The bad angel always wins," she said mischievously.