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Miss Dominican Republic Stripped Of Crown For Being Married

04/26/2012 08:58 PM ET

The recently crowned Miss Dominican Republic who was scheduled to go on to compete in the Miss Universe competition has been stripped of her title and crown after it was discovered she was married.

According to the Miss Dominican Republic pageant rules, all their contestants must be single and never have been married or divorced. After the 25-year-old Carlina Duran won the pageant on April 17th it was discovered that she was married in 2009 then divorced and that she did not disclose that information on her application.

However, Duran is claiming there is a misunderstanding and that she never considered herself married and had worked to have the marriage annulled.

She says, “I remained like a single woman,” she said, adding that “the marriage had been a brief one and the annulment process had begun.”

Now pageant organizers will hand the crown to the runner-up Dulcita Lieggi, who will compete on behalf of the country in the Miss Universe pageant.

The decision hasn’t sat well with some citizens in the Dominican as they voiced their frustrations on Duran’s Facebook page. One supporter, Dari Baez, wrote “taking away Duran’s crown was unfair. She already won it.”

Others, however, agree that rules are rules. Rafael Concepcion said, “If there is an established rule, and it comes out that she is married, she is violating the rule.”

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