​Molly Ringwald Cartoon Voice Character In Rainbow Brite On-Demand Service

​Molly Ringwald Cartoon Voice Character In Rainbow Brite On-Demand Service

Molly Ringwald’s cartoon will feature the actress’ voice alongside Emily Osment to characters in Rainbow Brite, a remake of the 1980s animated series.

The series will launch on Nov. 6 on subscription video-on-demand service Feeln, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Osment is set to play the magical, adorable title character, while Ringwald will play the villainous Dark Princess. The limited run event will feature three weekly episodes.

“Being cast as the voice of Rainbow Brite for the relaunch of this iconic show is truly an honor. I look forward to connecting with the audience, old and new, and going on this exciting adventure together,” Osment said in a statement Tuesday.

Molly Ringwald’s cartoon character will once again stir up trouble with a hidden, sinister agenda of her own, according to 7 KOAM News. Osment will likely help to attract a younger viewing audience who may not be familiar with the original Rainbow Brite series that was largely popular around the same time as My Little Pony and The Care Bears.

“With Rainbow Brite, we believe we have created something that captures the essence of the original series — but with a vision that resonates today,” said Iris Ichishita, head of original entertainment for Feeln. “We hope audiences will react with an, ‘Oh, my bows!’ — just like us.”

Molly Ringwald is synonymous with ’80s films, so her involvement with Rainbow Brite is perfect. It’s also right in line with Ringwald’s role in the upcoming Jem and the Holograms film. Ringwald appears to be on some sort of ’80s time loop when it comes to her latest acting gigs, but if anyone’s chosen to help put a modern spin on a classic cartoon from that era, then she’s an obvious choice.

Rainbow Brite was sort of like an animated Punky Brewster with super powers, complete with a rainbow belt for spreading happiness and joy, but minus the sad abandonment back story or souped up treehouse. She sported a multi-colored outfit that include a fierce pair of space boots. Her pet horse Starlite could talk and had a star tattooed on her face.

Osment is best known for her work on the TV show Hannah Montana. Ringwald is a former 1980s teen icon whose credits include Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. Ringwald will voice the main antagonist, The Dark Princess, reports Entertainment Weekly.

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