'Money Drop' Contestant Haunted By Wrong Answer On Game TV Show

By: John Lester
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 31, 2020

'Money Drop' contestant haunted by wrong answer on game show. 'Money Drop' contestant is still haunted by giving the wrong answer. However, Gabe Okoye was actually correct, sparking a public outcry over $800,000.

Gabe Okoye, one of the "Million Dollar Money Drop" contestants who lost $800,000 on the show's premiere after giving what would turn out to be a correct answer, has been "haunted" by and "distraught" over the moment.

Okoye, 25, and girlfriend Brittany Mayti, 23, described how the agony of losing the cash at the September taping was even worse than it looked when the show aired Dec. 20.

"I was haunted for a long time between the taping and the actual airing. I was distraught," Okoye said in a statement. "I'd like to know someone who has lost money like that and just smiled about it." Mayti, he said, supported him the whole time after the loss, even after he'd talked her into betting on his answer.

Contestants start with $1 million and must work as a team to wager the cash on the answers to seven questions. If they answer seven questions correctly, any money that was placed on those correct answers is theirs to keep.

The question, which hinged on when Post-it Notes went on the market, wasn't the final one for the couple, who lost their remaining $80,000 on the next query.

However, citing "incomplete" information that didn't include the sticky notes being test-marketed three years earlier than their launch under the Post-It name, the show's producers invited the couple to return to the show to compete again.