​Nadya Suleman Enters Plea During Court Arraignment​​

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March 11, 2021

Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom for being the mother of octuplets and six other children, has pleaded not guilty to welfare fraud. Suleman appeared briefly for an arraignment Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The 38-year-old single mother allegedly collected an additional $10,000 in benefits from the state of California.

Suleman Unlikely To Serve Jail

Suleman previously pleaded not guilty to three counts of welfare fraud stemming from an alleged failure to disclose about $30,000 in earnings from videos and personal appearances when she applied for aid last year.

Although the charges carry potential time behind bars, the prosecutor has said efforts would be made to reach a deal to avoid that.

Suleman became famous in 2009 by giving birth to eight children who quickly became the world’s longest-surviving octuplets. They celebrated their fifth birthday in January.

Suleman became financial stressed in 2010 and 2011, which led her to rehab.

“I went to a treatment program for 30 days,” she says. “There was a team of doctors and psychiatrists assessing me and diagnosing me. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Severe post-traumatic stress. In order words, [like] someone who’s a soldier in war, I feel like I’m still in war sometimes. But we have to win, right? There are 15 lives at stake.”

Suleman says she regrets making an adult video, which was used to pay bills and to keep her from being on the streets.

The court has scheduled the next hearing in the case for April 16.