​Justin Bieber: Neighbors Tired Of Bieber

Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

Justin Bieber can’t get along with his neighbors and they are tired with speedy cars driving around in their gated community, so they called the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department to set up a meeting with police.

Cops showed up near the singer’s gated Calabsas, Calif., home to hear what his neighbors had to say.

To add Bieber’s problems, an emergency homeowner’s association meeting has been called to address the pop star’s antics within the gated community.

Residents of The Oaks have been voicing their issues with the singer and his pals’ speedy driving “for some time,” a source confirmed.

While Beiber moved into the posh neighborhood about a year and a half ago, homeowners initially tried to ignore the dangerous driving. But it seems they’ve had enough.

“It has been escalating for the past six months, he has begun to flip over to a really dark side,” a neighbor tells E! News.”Its aggressive, reckless behavior.”

“They have sent him warnings,” the resident added. “He’s out of control. Everyone has a Bieber white Ferrari story…god forbid someone gets hurt by that car.”

Monday’s meeting should provide answers as to how the Biebs’ behavior will be handled.

“He just feels like he is above the law,” the neighbor said.

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