​Neil Patrick Harris Reprising Emmy Awards in Rehearsing​​

September 20, 2021

Neil Patrick Harris is getting ready to host the Emmy Awards for the second time and it looks like the actor is intensely preparing by “dancing his face off” while rehearsing for his appearance Sunday when he will reprise his role.

The 40-year-old was well-received when he hosted the ceremony in 2009 and it looks as though he is on course to work the same magic on stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

At a ceremony on Wednesday, Harris revealed what viewers can expect from his appearance and it seems he has a few surprises up his sleeve. “I’ll be staying on stage the whole show — with a few exceptions,” Harris told Yahoo! News.

He quipped: “[I] thought about having a colostomy bag. I thought that would not be good for the first few rows. There’s a lot of awards, so I thankfully don’t have to do a lot of work. I get to come up with some funny one-liners.”

“If someone vomits, I get to joke about it, but there’s not a lot of vomit. Charlie Sheen hasn’t been on Two and a Half Men for years,” he added.

Harris also shared an update of his progress with fans on Twitter, tweeting: “Been dancing my face off in rehearsals for the choreographer’s # in the @PrimetimeEmmys. I’ve such crazy respect for these dancers. Unreal.”

When he’s not starring on How I Met Your Mother, Harris frequently moonlights as one of TV’s most consistently entertaining and hilarious awards show hosts.

Harris has spoken of his love for television and that he is pleased to be involved in an event which honors it.

“I love TV and the motley crew of people that are part of it. With so many TV offerings of every type, I think that makes for a better viewing experience of television than ever, and I’m happy to be the guy in charge of honouring that,” Harris told USA Today.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theater, L.A. on 22nd September. The awards will be broadcast live on CBS at 8pm ET and 5pm PT.