Nick Stahl Missing Again After Rehab Stint In Los Angeles

06/20/2012 10:11 PM ET

It’s deja vu all over again for Nick Stahl because now he’s missing after leaving rehab and the 30-day program commitment he signed up for in late May in Los Angeles. The troubled “Terminator: Rise of the Machines” star was last seen near the skid row area.

Stahl’s estranged wife, Rose Murphy, said he’s been MIA for four days, but refused to comment any further on his situation.

MTV reported that Stahl went to stay with a friend after leaving rehab and was then seen around downtown Los Angeles before going back to a friend’s house. He has not been seen since he left that house on Thursday.

An unnamed source told E!, “Now he’s disappeared. We can’t find him anywhere,” they said of the so-far futile search efforts. “He has not made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him … Everyone just wants him to come home. It’s a terrible situation. We are searching, but we have no solid leads.”

Stahl made his big-screen debut back in 1993 opposite Mel Gibson in “The Man Without a Face.” Since then, he’s appeared in several major studio films, including “The Thin Red Line,” “Disturbing Behavior” and “Sin City.” His most-recent role is in the 2011 VOD-released “388 Arletta Avenue” opposite Devon Sawa.

As his big-screen career has stalled, those close to him fear Stahl has fallen into a spiral of addiction. This latest incident was not the first time that they have expressed concern over his well-being.

Rose, who married the actor in 2009, filed papers with the LA County Superior Court back in February asking a judge to limit her husband’s access to their 2-year-old daughter, Marlo, due to his alleged drug and alcohol abuse. She also claimed that she and Stahl were no longer living together.

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