​Nicky Hilton Wardrobe Malfunction: Socialite Appears In Unusual Wardrobe At Fashion Show

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
Dec. 16, 2015

Nicky Hilton’s wardrobe malfunction was bound to happen when a person doesn’t wear enough clothing to cover their behind. The city of Paris was a week of the booty after she wore the outfit without any undergarments, according to Yahoo Finance.

Hilton, 31, showed up at the Versace Couture show in quite an interesting dress that put some of her assets on full display. Nicky has always dressed quite conservative, until now.

The heiress seemed to be channeling her newlywed status with the color of her bright white, but its cut was far from modest. For one, the design was a cheap version of a raincoat, and it has holes all in the fabric.

Nicky Hilton’s wardrobe malfunction may have been planned to stir up more publicity after her wedding, but fashion experts say it was tasteless. The gown featured large holes and sheer panes, one of which perfectly framed her bottom.

The blonde paired her exposed bottom with a pair of white pointy-toe Christian Louboutin pumps. It’s unclear whether or not the heiress realized she was mooning the crowd.

Hilton married wealthy English heir James Rothschild in a lavish ceremony that also had its bad moments. Nicky hosted a wedding ceremony that merged two glamorous cultures, but then there was another problem with her wardrobe.

She had a malfunction with her $77,000 Valentino couture gown got caught in the wheel of a Bentley. The dress nearly came off as it was wedged beneath the tire.

The wardrobe malfunction came with a lengthy train and was worn with a traditional lace veil under which a sleek blonde up-do could just about be seen. She also carried a bouquet of white roses - seen earlier being carried into the hotel by an aide.

Nicky Hilton walked slowly until the dress was tangled by a Bentley helped to untangle it at Kensington Palace. She soon climbed into the bridal car with a few laughs.

The long train of the gown landed the bride in trouble more than once throughout the day. While being fixed up by a host of staff, her hemline rides as high as spirits on the day as another staff member tried to help.

Nicky Hilton never thought so many things could go wrong with a gown for a wedding. Onlookers were also laughing up a storm, but trying to remain serious.

“How many staffers does it take to help untangle a dress? It happened three times,” one spectator said of Nicky Hilton. “I didn’t want to laugh, so I tried not to look.”

Nicky Hilton’s wardrobe malfunction occurred with two different dresses. So now people are wondering if the dress she wore at the Versace Couture show was planned.

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