​Nikki Reed Hospitalized Overnight For Throat Observation After Comic Con Visit

Nikki Reed Hospitalized
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Jul, 18, 2015 | 10:23 AM

Nikki Reed was hospitalized overnight for observation with throat problems. The actress fell ill while at the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego over the weekend, according to Contact Music.

Reed, 27, apparently had severe issues with her throat, leading her to seek treatment and be ordered to remain at the clinic so doctors could assess her. Nikki was unwell because she was dehydrated and exhausted, blaming her intense schedule for the issue.

“Nikki said that it was probably because she’s been flying so much for work. She’s been to 20 cities in eight days for work obligations,” an insider said.

Nikki Reed hospitalized for exhaustion

Nikki Reed hospitalized for exhaustion

Nikki Reed was hospitalized after a night, and immediately jumped on a plane so she could be with her husband Ian Somerhalder. She travelled to Atlanta, where he is working, but couldn’t be there for long as she had more appearances planned.

Following some time with her spouse of two months, The Twilight star went to Nashville to attend a party for a whisky brand.

“[She] was a bit more soft-spoken,” an insider claimed, “[but she] danced to country music performances and sipped on Bonnie Rose cocktails.”

Nikki is now thought to be well and truly on the mend, and she has some exciting news to spur her on the road to full health after suffering from exhaustion. Reed said she is going to take it easy and drink plenty of fluids.

It’s been confirmed that she is joining TV show Sleepy Hollow, where she will play a character called Betsy Ross. She described as sexy with an unsuspecting physical prowess.

Reed is the famous seamstress known and loved for sewing the nation’s first flag by day. But Nikki is a dynamic colonial insider at night, and a secret operative within George Washington’s mysterious ring of spies.

Ian Somerhalder

Her new husband Ian Somerhalder will, no doubt, also be pleased, as the series is filmed in Atlanta - where he films The Vampire Diaries.
The Twilight and Thirteen alum tied the knot with Ian, 36, in April after a whirlwind nine-month courtship.

Reed and Somerhalder have been spotted enjoying their new life of marital bliss. Nikki has three films schedule for release this year including Scout, The Highway Is For Gamblers and A Sunday Horse.

She’s best known for her blood-sucking role as Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga along with her cult classic 2003 hit Thirteen. With roles in hit shows like Lost and The Vampire Diaries, Ian is also a familiar face in the geek community.

Nikki Reed was hospitalized, but she has a busy schedule. Along with acting for film and TV, the couple are devoted to helping and fostering animals in need.

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