Ochocinco Cereal Goes Retail

Ochocinco cereal will be available at retail stores in September for $3 a box.

Ochocinco Cereal goes retail soon. Chad Ochocinco now has his own breakfast cereal, called Ocho-Cincos, that will be in stores in September. The cereal is named after Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Cereal with honey nut toasted oats in Ocho-Cincos! A new breakfast cereal is about to hit store shelves and it is sure to be a hit with Bengals fans. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said, “Not surprised. More exposure, gets his face out there. People can see it. I think Chad’s hot right now, so he might as well make hay while the sun is shining. He’s doing well for himself.”

Chad Ochocinco is the king of everything in the media right now. The “Ocho-Cinco’s” will go on sale in September $3 a box at local Kroger stores. A portion of the sales proceeds will go to the “Feed the Children” Foundation. The productl will be sold in partnership with PLB Sports.

Limited edition collectors boxes of the cereal will soon available in a low fat, honey nut toasted oats flavor in 14oz. boxes for $5 each. Ochocinco isn’t the only NFL player to have his own cereal, Terrell Owens launched a similar cereal last year with “T.O.’s.” Then there was “Flutie Flakes” by quarterback Doug Flutie of the Bills.

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