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Octomom Visited By Child Welfare Services After Complaint

04/26/2012 02:42 PM ET

“Octomom”, Nadya Suleman had officials from the child welfare services visit her home after a hairstylist making a house call filed a complaint about the conditions in the home.

Suleman is of course famous for already being a single mother of 6 children, then successfully giving birth to octuplets in 2009, after what has been called an abuse of the in-vitro fertilization procedure that cost her doctor his license.

TMZ recently reported that Suleman had a hairstylist come to her home and paid her $520 for styling and two blowouts. They also learned that after leaving the home the hairstylist reported Suleman to DCF citing that the kids were living in filth.

The hairstylist claimed that the home had only one working toilet, and that the children were using toddler potties in their bedrooms. She also claims that several of the children looked malnourished, and were clothed improperly and looked unkept. She reported that there was filth throughout the home including on the walls. She went on to say that she would lock the children outside to eat and that while she was having her hair done she locked them into a bedroom.

However, La Habra police Sgt. Daniel Barnes says after a visit by officers and DCF official’s this past Tuesday, that nothing unusual was found going on in the home and the children were in no danger, adding that the matter was closed.

After getting a passing grade from the DCF Suleman may now once again have to deal with backlash of paying $520 to a hairstylist while on government assistance.

A controversy quickly arose over how the single mother of now 14 children planned on financially raising the children on her own after the octuplets were born. As a result Suleman, promised she would never seek public asitance as a means to pay for the raising of the children. However, Suleman started receiving death threats last month after it was learned that she had gone back on her word and started receiving $2,000 a month in food stamps.

Suleman had said that the assistance she was seeking was only a temporary solution to not having any income, and that it was only to be for at most a few months.

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