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Octomom Squalid House Unveils Neglect For Children

04/27/2012 08:14 PM ET

Several pictures of Nadya Suleman’s squalid house were shocking as they were leaked online, suggesting her children were being grossly neglected. However, she told ABC News that she was grossly set up, during a new interview. In another revelation, Suleman reveals that she’s receiving twice as much money from the state than previously hinted, to the tune of $5,000 a month.

Octomom House

For the past several months, people almost forgot Octomom’s name — that was until a rumor got out that she and her 14 kids were living off taxpayers’ money by collecting welfare and food stamps.

Then the photograph of a $520 check appeared this week that shook everything. That’s how much Suleman paid her hairstylist for a blow dry at the same time her kids were using portable toilets in the backyard because the plumbing was shot. It also happened as she was collecting free money from the State of California.

Suleman sat down with ABC to speak on the latest accusations. For starters, she says she’s getting more money as assistance than she initially revealed.

She also insists none of the claims printed in the press are real: her children are not neglected and they’re certainly not living in squalor.

Suleman explains why they had to go potty in the backyard, stresses that she didn’t lock her children in one room (she was merely trying to prevent them from going inside another room), but she doesn’t say anything about why they’re sleeping on the floor or why there’s graffiti on every wall inside her home.

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