Olivia Wilde And Rigorous Workouts

Olivia Wilde And Rigorous Workouts

Olivia Wilde and rigorous workouts. Olivia Wilde underwent the biggest physical transformation of her life through workouts. The actress underwent the changes to play the female lead of Quorra in Tron: Legacy.

Wilde, 26, was incredible shape with cover model looks by working with trainers who put her through rigorous workouts, including weight-training, cardio and martial arts training. “I was ripped!,” Wilde said in a statement. “Never been that way before; never will be again!”

She is perhaps best known for her work on TV shows “The O.C.,” which revolved a group of good-looking, wealthy Californians, and “House,” where she portrayed a bisexual doctor. But in “Tron: Legacy,” which debuts in U.S. theaters on Friday, she is suited up in all-black and lives in a futuristic world called the “Grid.” “It’s interesting because I am drawn to those kick-ass roles,” Wilde said. “I always knew that eventually I’d get to play a really great one. It didn’t happen with Bond, but it happened with ‘Tron.'”

Quorra is not unlike a butt-kicking Bond girl, which is ironic since only a few years back, it had come down to Wilde and French actress Eva Green to star as Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig in 2006 James Bond movie, “Casino Royale.” The new movie is billed as a continuation of the old story, but with updated special effects for release in 3D. Jeff Bridges reprises his role from the 1982 movie as Kevin Flynn, a technology visionary who helped create video games, but now is being held in a digitally-created virtual world from which he cannot escape.

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