​One Direction Rented House: Pool Direction For $108K​​

August 15, 2021 | 7:11 am

One Direction and their boy band fans are responding to rumors about their rented Sherman Oaks house. This week’s big celebrity real estate story is that the guys from the British band are leasing a house in the Bel-Air area.

However, there are no public documents on property or sale records to back up the claims. Although just a rumor, it’s not a far stretch to imagine the five heartthrobs spending a week in this mansion. Here are five reasons why:

The unusual home that One Direction is reportedly renting at $27,000 a week has an enormous terrace that juts out from the house — something like a yacht. While it may be boat-like, the pool is pretty incredible and definitely boy-band worthy.

After a night of entertaining screaming teenage girls, an unobstructed view of city lights and mountains is likely a welcome sight to the band. Perched on a knoll in Sherman Oaks, the home not only captures the views from the pool area but also from the 2-story glass walls throughout the house.

The boys are well-known for being the life of a party, and what better space to throw a get-together than in a house with a neon-lit bar?

The One Direction bandmates spend a lot of time together. They’ve been on tour since February and will continue touring through this November. A home with 11,000 square feet and 5 separate bedrooms is bound to appeal to the singers.

Boy bands almost always seem to cause a frenzy, and One Direction is no exception. Recently the L.A. Police Department was called to calm a near-riot situation at a screening of the One Direction documentary, “This is Us.” The guys weren’t even present.

The rumored One Direction rental is not only private and surrounded by hedges but gated, which hopefully will be enough to keep the fans at bay.