One Pound Fish Song With Video

Muhammad Shahid Nazir’s “One Pound Fish” song has been an internet sensation and has many people wondering if it will have as much success as Phy’s “Gangnam Style.”

In this exclusive interview with What’s Trending the viral sensation discussed how he received almost one million views in under a 24 hours.

“It’s a dream for me. What can I say? I have all this fame and this popularity,” Shahid says of his burgeoning, international celebrity status. “I think I’m living a dream.”

Thanks to YouTube, Shahid has become an overnight success in America, and will have a Timbaland collaboration set released stateside soon.

When Nazir, also known as the “One Pound Fish Man,” left his wife and four children behind in Pakistan to study business in London, he surely never thought that he would end up singing about fish with scantily-clad Western women as back-up dancers.

While working at Queen’s Market in Upton Park his boss told him to make up a traders call to attract customers. So, Nazir composed the song “One Pound Fish” with the lyrics:

Come on ladies, come on ladies.
One pound fish.
Have-a, have-a look.
One pound fish.
Very, very good, very, very cheap.
One pound fish.
Six for five pound one pound each.

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